Stoicism in Masculinity - Silhouette of a man

Defining Stoicism in Masculinity: What It Means to Be a Stoic Man

When a man calls themselves a stoic, a few ideas come into mind for those who are uninformed about what...
Man working out in the gym needing bulking tips

9 Bulking Tips That Will Help You Reach Your Peak Potential

Bulking is a fantastic way to gain muscle quickly and efficiently. It mainly involves consuming a large amount of calories...
Low testosterone and bodybuilding - Man working out in the gym

Low Testosterone and Bodybuilding: Is It Really That Bad?

When inside the bodybuilding community — or just the fitness community in general — you’ll hear many people harp on...
Checking Testosterone Levels From Home

Learn How to Check Your Testosterone Levels From Home

Testosterone is one of the most important pieces of a man’s body. Also known as the “male sex hormone”, it’s...
Benefits of testosterone - Happy muscular middle-aged man

Benefits of Testosterone For Men and How Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Help You

From assistance with hair growth to gender affirming care to steroid usage, testosterone has many uses and benefits for men....
Bored man - Nofap flatline

The NoFap Flatline: How to Bounce Back From This Common Reboot Side Effect

If you’re a follower of the NoFap program, looking to clear yourself from a dependency on porn and masturbation, you’ve...
Do Cold Showers Increase Testosterone - Man taking a cold shower

Do Cold Showers Increase Testosterone? The Surprising Benefits of Cold Water Immersion

You always hear about people needing to take a cold shower after a workout or when they just need to...
How to Be a Better Man - Man in a suit in the shadows

11 Helpful Tips on How to Be a Better Man

How many times have you heard the phrase “be a man”? It’s become a common saying in the modern day,...
How Long Should a Bulk Last

How Long Should a Bulk Last? What to Consider When Packing on the Muscle

Bulking is a popular choice of diet when trying to build muscle quickly. However, nothing is ever so clean cut,...
Coconut Oil vs MCT Oil for Bulking and bodybuilding

Coconut Oil vs MCT Oil for Bulking: Which is Better for Bodybuilding?

It wasn’t too long ago that olive oil was seen as all the rage when it came to bodybuilding, which...
Building, Maintaining a Masculine Frame

Building and Maintaining a Masculine Frame

When most men hear about a masculine frame, they think about the build. While it’s true that being physically fit...
ice bath before workout or after

Should You Take Ice Baths Before or After a Workout?

If you’re thinking about trying out an ice bath to assist your body in being the best it possibly can...
High Impact Cardio VS Low Impact Cardio

High Impact Cardio VS Low Impact Cardio – What Are The Differences And Which...

With our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, levels of fitness have declined and one of the biggest threats facing society nowadays is...
How to be More Masculine

How to be More Masculine: The Do’s And Don’ts of Masculinity

Nowadays men, maleness and masculinity are under increasing pressure from several sources, including rampant feminism, woke people in institutions, and...
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NoFap and Exercise: Why Working Out Regularly is Important to Complete The NoFap Challenge

Let’s talk about something a little unconventional to bring up in a conversation between you and your gym buddies: NoFap...
How to Develop Discipline - Man working out

Why is Self-discipline The Key to Success & How to Develop Discipline in Your...

Many people make ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ every year but then fail after a little while.  This is because words are...
The benefits of NoFap - Happy man

The Benefits of NoFap and Crucial Tips to Succeed at it

NoFap is a term you might have heard here and there around the internet. You rarely hear it talked about...
Are Steroids Worth It

Are Steroids Worth It? A Look Into the Risks of Using Anabolic Steroids for...

For a while, steroid use had once been the big open secret of the fitness community, where being found out...
Meditation can Increase the Benefits of NoFap

How Meditation can Greatly Increase the Benefits of NoFap

If you don’t meditate , what do you tend to think of when you think of meditation? Do you think...
Relationships Can Affect Your Testosterone

How Your Relationships Can Affect Your Testosterone (and Vice Versa)

Relationships are always an interesting subject of study. Many people wonder what the secret is to a good relationship, factoring...
Signs you are Low on Testosterone

5 Early Signs That You’re Low on Testosterone

So, you feel like something might be wrong with your body. You’re experiencing some symptoms you’ve never had before, and ...
Cardio Come Before or After Lifting Weights

Should Cardio Come Before or After Lifting Weights?

Once upon a time, there was a classic conundrum: weights or cardio? It’s the red pill and blue pill of...
What to Avoid During NoFap

What to Avoid During NoFap: 10 Things You Should Be Wary of During the...

What a lot of people don’t seem to understand about NoFap is that it isn’t just about fighting your addiction,...
Drinking Alcohol During NoFap

Why Drinking Alcohol During NoFap is a Bad Idea

So you’ve started NoFap. Maybe it’s your first time, maybe it’s your tenth; no matter what stage of life you’re...
Help You Hone Your Manhood

Developing Your Masculine Edge: 6 Steps to Help You Hone Your Manhood

Let’s talk about masculinity. It’s one of those things that men and women have been going back and forth for...
Estrogen and Erectile Dysfunction

The Connection Between Estrogen and Erectile Dysfunction: What You Need to Know For a...

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition that affects hundreds of millions of men worldwide. It’s said that half of men...
Dopamine and Sex Addiction

Dopamine and Sex Addiction: How Understanding the Connection Can Pave the Road to Recovery

Sex addiction is one of those topics that you hear about, but isn’t taken as seriously as addictions to, say,...
Does Dirty Bulking Work

Does Dirty Bulking Work? What You Need to Know About Dirty Bulking

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’ve no doubt heard of bulking. It’s one of the most popular methods to use...
Why Masturbation is So Addictive

Why Masturbation is So Addictive and How to Overcome It

If you’ve been a part of the NoFap community for quite a while, you may be familiar with how addictive...
Deca Durabolin For Bulking

Deca Durabolin For Bulking: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosages, Cycle, and Safe Alternatives

If you’ve ever met a bodybuilder who really seems dedicated to maintaining that dream body, there is a good chance...
Dianabol side effects and alternatives

Bulking With Dianabol, The King of Anabolic Steroids: Dosages, Cycle, Side Effects, and Safe...

If you are at all invested in the world of fitness, you may know about a little drug called methandrostenolone,...
Most Popular Anabolic Steroids

Top 5 Most Popular Anabolic Steroids for Bulking: Uses, Side Effects & Safe Alternatives

Anabolic steroids, commonly referred to as “performance-enhancing drugs” (PEDs) are extremely popular in the world of fitness and among celebrities....
Erectile Dysfunction and Vitamin D

Does Vitamin D Help With Erectile Dysfunction? How Much Vitamin D Should You Take?

There is a select variety of male-centric problems that tend to get men a little nervous as they age. Topics...
Man using anadrol for bulking - side effects and alternatives

Anadrol: How to Use the Anabolic Steroid for Bulking, Side Effects, and Safer Legal...

Bulking is a practice that many bodybuilders swear by for how quickly it has them packing on the muscle. However,...
Does Cardio Boost Testosterone

Does Cardio Boost Testosterone? The Best Testosterone Boosting Exercises to Improve Your Health

If you’re a male and you take the time to exercise daily for your own health, you’ve no doubt heard...