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Benefits of Bulking & How to Gain Muscle Mass Faster Using Natural Steroid Supplements


If you want to gain muscle while increasing strength, many lifters will use bulking. This strategy is very common: a calorie surplus will be taken in to gain weight and muscle while maintaining a resistance training program. While all of this is occurring, there may be a potential for excess fat gain. The end goal is weight gain with muscle mass.

Benefits of Bulking using natural supplements

There are two different kinds of bulking that males do: clean bulking and dirty bulking.

Clean bulking, which some may refer to as lean bulking, is eating foods that have not been processed much or are whole. Many athletes will use this kind of bulking in the off season.

Dirty bulking does not have any restrictions. People may feel sluggish on this type of bulking, and it could potentially lead to high blood sugars and cholesterol.


Is Bulking Safe?

Safety is the utmost concern of many individuals that are looking to bulk up. Bulking can be completed in a completely safe manner if done correctly.

To complete a healthy bulking program, you must sustain a proper caloric surplus while eating foods that are nutrient dense. These foods will contain high levels of nutrients. Examples of these include salmon, kale, potatoes, garlic, seaweed, egg yolks, liver, and blueberries.  These foods will help with insulin resistance, lift markers of inflammation, and elevate  amounts of fat in the blood.


Caloric and Macronutrient Intake

When bulking, it is important to determine what your caloric needs are in a day. This can easily be completed using an online calorie counter. Here, you will enter your weight, age, gender, height, and physical activity to determine how many calories you need to be taking in per day. Then, you will need to add in 10-20% more calories to bulk up. This will allow you to gain .25-.5% of your body weight per week.

Therefore, if you need 3,000 calories per day to maintain your current weight, you should aim to eat 3,300 to 3,600 calories per day. If you weigh 150 pounds, you can expect a .4 to .8 pounds gain per week. If you are just starting with bulking, aim to eat the higher end of calories, while if you have been bodybuilding for a while, you can eat closer to the lower end. You may need to tweak it a bit if you are gaining more or less than .25 to .5% of your bodyweight per week.

Once you have determined what your daily caloric needs are, you will need to think about your macronutrients. These nutrients (fat, carbs, and protein) are needed in larger supplies. Fat contains 9 calories per gram while fat and carbs contain 4. You should plan on getting 40% to 60% of your daily calories from carbs, 30% to 35% from protein, and 15% to 30% from fat. You can make adjustments as needed for your dietary needs. However, it is highly advised to keep protein between 30% and 35% in order to provide ideal  muscle growth. You can adjust your fat and carb intake depending on your body type and goals. For example, personally, I cannot keep up with weekly progressive overload if my carb intake is lacking. If you can get away with less carbs, that might be a good idea.


Foods to Eat When Bulking

  • Vegetables such as broccoli, leafy salad greens, green beans, cucumber, asparagus, spinach, and mushrooms are perfect for consuming during meals.
  • Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn, and green peas are great for bulking.
  • Sirloin steak, ground beef, pork tenderloin, venison, chicken breast, salmon, tilapia, and cod are excellent meat choices.
  • Almonds, walnuts,flax seeds, and sunflower seeds are the perfect choices for nuts and seeds.
  • Dairy choices should include yogurt, cottage cheese, low fat milk, and cheese.
  • Bread, cereal, crackers, oatmeal, quinoa, popcorn, and rice should be included in your bulking diet for grains.
  • Fruit choices should include apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, pears, peaches, watermelon, and berries.
  • Beans and legumes such as lentils, kidney beans, black beans, and pinto beans should be included in your bulking diet.
  • Oils such as olive oil, canola oil, safflower oil, flaxseed oil, sesame oil, and avocado oil. Although it’s highly recommended, for health reasons, to stay away from these, except for olive oil.


Foods to Avoid When Bulking

  • Added sugars provide many extra calories without any nutrients. Examples of this include soda, ice cream, candy bars, and cookies.
  • Alcohol can adversely affect your capability to form muscle and lose fat.
  • Deep-fried foods, such as French Fries, cheese curds, and onion rings, are known to increase inflammation. If too much is consumed, diseases can arise.


Supplements to Take When Bulking

  • Creatine gives the muscles energy.
  • Whey protein powder allows those bulking an easy way to get more protein into their daily diet.
  • Caffeine diminishes fatigue and permits your body to work harder.
  • Supplements designed for bulking. These are manufactured to assist in muscle building while cutting fat and getting shredded. The most effective natural supplements for bulking purposes are oral legal steroid alternatives. I would recommend staying away from real steroids.


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Brutal Force Bulking Supplements

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