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Does Cardio Boost Testosterone? The Best Testosterone Boosting Exercises to Improve Your Health

If you’re a male and you take the time to exercise daily for your own health, you’ve no doubt heard about testosterone in relation to fitness. Many bodybuilders value their testosterone and do all they can to increase it, whether it be naturally or artificially.

Does Cardio Boost Testosterone

Many men know that testosterone will boost your gain potential and allow you a more fruitful workout, but is it the same way around? Can exercise benefit your testosterone production in return? And what about cardio specifically? Should those looking to increase testosterone production really be going for cardio?

Well, I’m here to answer that for you. I’ll give you the rundown on testosterone, how it works, if cardio (and exercise in general) can improve your levels, and what exercises you may be able to try in order to greatly improve your natural testosterone production. Now, allow me to show you how to increase your overall gains through an increase in one of the most abundant hormones in your body.


What is Testosterone?

Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate
Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) natural hormone molecule. Skeletal formula.

Also known as the “male sex hormone”, it’s what makes men, well… men. It’s an extremely powerful hormone, and is actually considered a steroid due to how massive the changes to your body it can make, which is why you see it used by bodybuilders when they want to increase their gains. It’s extremely effective in this regard, though it must be stated that increasing testosterone through artificial means can leave you at an increased risk for health problems such as heart attacks or strokes. That’s why it’s considered a controlled substance, and if you’re looking to use it only for muscle gain, you’re either going to have to do some fantastic lying to a medical professional, or simply snag it illegally like with other steroids. There are many ways to increase your testosterone levels naturally, you should look into. Nofap being one example.

Here are the benefits of high testosterone:

  • More muscle mass
  • Less body fat
  • Better memory
  • Greater endurance
  • More strength
  • Higher sperm production
  • Helps with hair growth (all kinds)
  • Greater bone density
  • Higher sex drive
  • Better mood

With all this in mind, you can see why people try so hard to increase their testosterone production. Now, let’s get onto how to naturally increase it through exercise.


Can Cardio Increase Testosterone?

Cardio Increases Testosterone

Cardio is so popular because it’s so easy to do and gives you some unique health benefits in comparison to more gym-centric exercises like lifting weights. They can usually be done without any sort of equipment, and thus can be done outside of a gym setting; not everyone likes the environment after all. Just as well, many cardio exercises can be incorporated into leisurely activities, such as a jog through the park or mountain biking. Not only does it improve your cardiovascular system and your mood, but it also greatly improves your testosterone production.

Studies have shown that those who practice cardio on a regular basis, even just regularly, will have higher testosterone levels than those who don’t exercise in general. This is in the long term as well, meaning that even during their off days when they’re deciding not to exercise, their levels are still fairly high. It’s even been suggested that cardio can have the same impact on testosterone levels on someone who is overweight, though it does fluctuate depending on how much they were producing beforehand, as overweight individuals will produce less testosterone by default. That’s why it is recommended to do cardio even when you are bulking.

Now, there are a few limits to just how much testosterone you can produce due to some health factors. Those who are older (mainly past the age of 40) will have their testosterone production greatly reduced, no matter how much cardio they do. As I said before, despite cardio perhaps having the same impact on levels on an overweight individual as it would with unhealthy one, those who are overweight will have a tough time getting high hormone production, and one of the only ways to improve that is to maintain a healthy body weight. Depending on your method of cardio, you may have an easier time shedding the pounds quickly through other types of exercise, which will in turn increase your levels further. The intensity of your exercise also matters. The more intense the exercise, the greater the testosterone release, after all. Think of it as the same as building muscle: the intensity of your exercise affects its production, and long periods in between exercise can undo that work. That is why keeping your exercises regular is so important, as you will only experience the short-term benefits of testosterone without tackling the long term.


How Does Exercise in General Boost Testosterone?

Does Exercise Boost Testosterone

In case you didn’t glean the answer from my talk about cardio and testosterone: yes, you can in fact boost testosterone through regular exercise. Key word: regular.

See, exercise can increase testosterone for either the short term or the long term. A good workout will help build your testosterone, but if you decide not to exercise for the next few days, then the benefits will stay just in the short term. If you’re regularly exercising, though, your body will become accustomed to producing more testosterone through your steady muscle gain, allowing for a larger amount of the hormone in your body for far longer and without being constrained to just your exercises. And that is the main reason why you need regular intense workouts if you want to increase your testosterone levels quickly.

How does exercise increase testosterone in more technical terms? Well in a few ways.

For one, exercise will help combat obesity, and obesity is one of the biggest reasons why a male might have low testosterone. By taking off the pounds, one will be able to produce more testosterone.

Another way testosterone is increased is through muscle gain. In return, testosterone is able to stimulate muscle growth. That’s right: more muscle means more testosterone, which means a higher capacity for exercise, which means more muscle, which means more testosterone, and so on and so forth. Of course, there is a cap on this. If there wasn’t, you would see men the size of mountains able to punch through concrete. In general, though, you’ll find yourself with higher endurance and an easier time building and maintaining muscle.

Lastly, exercise will stimulate testosterone release. Any sort of physical activity will do so, whether you’re just going out for a walk or really challenging yourself with the weight machines. This testosterone is what gives your body the energy and strength to power through these exercises, and while the effects are fairly short term, doing regular bursts of intense exercise will allow your body to increase in testosterone for the long term. And as we discussed before, testosterone takes very little time to start working.

In case you’re wondering, not all exercises will affect your testosterone production the same way, and there are indeed some methods that are better than others when it comes to getting those levels higher.


What Exercises Boost Testosterone the most?

While exercise in general will help with your testosterone production, there are really two types that work the best for maximum and most efficient testosterone gain. Those two would be High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance exercises.


High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity Interval Training HIIT to boost testosterone

HIIT is proof that cardio can indeed boost your natural testosterone levels. It’s usually reserved for more experienced exercise enthusiasts, as it can be considered fairly challenging. It’s intensive and demanding on your body, so if you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend learning about it from a professional. In essence, it’s a cardiovascular exercise regimen that involves short (between 30 seconds and 30 minutes) intermittent bursts of high-intensity aerobic exercises. In between those are a period of low activity, where you usually just cool down with a steady walk. You need to wait until your breathing has calmed and your heart rate has gone back to its normal pace before you should go again.

HIIT’s main benefit (besides burning calories and getting a full workout in a small amount of time) is to improve your heart rate, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and aerobic performance. That’s why you need to wait until your heart rate is back at its normal level and your breathing is steady, as it helps further train your cardiovascular system and trains it. Another benefit is, of course, an improvement in short and long-term testosterone production through the promotion of muscle growth.

You can do HIIT with any cardio exercise, such as running, biking, jumping rope, and rowing.


Resistance Exercises

Resistance Exercises to boost testosterone

For resistance exercises, you may know this as simply weight-lifting, but it can extend to include weight machines, body weight training, and resistance bands. They increase your muscle mass and endurance, as well as helping with important aspects of your life such as mood, balance, posture, sleep, and a resistance to injuries.

Resistance exercises are mainly used to promote muscle growth, and it’s muscle mass that really increases the amount of testosterone you’re able to produce in the long term. There is also short term improvement as well, since resistance training stimulates testosterone release during workouts.

If you want to really work on increasing your testosterone levels, HIIT and resistance exercises are what you need to be gunning for. However, if you decide to stick with a normal, alternative routine, you’ll still be able to maintain a good amount of testosterone.