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The Devastating Effects of Edging: How The Dopamine High Slows Down Your NoFap Rebooting Process


If you are abstaining from pornography of any kind, you are taking part in the rebooting process.

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There are individuals that feel as long as ejaculation is not met, they are successful in their rebooting progress and hopefully achieve some of the benefits of nofap such as a better performance in the bedroom.  Soon, these same people will begin to edge. Edging is the practice of masturbation just until an orgasm is almost reached, then pausing to cool off, then going full force once again. For many males, edging is not done in moderation.

There are three kinds of edging:

  • Watching pornography with no masturbation
  • Masturbation while watching porn without ejaculation
  • Masturbation without watching any porn and without ejaculation


Some also consider having any fantasy, reliving a porn scene in your mind, or having sexual thoughts is also a form of edging.

Let’s take a closer look at edging. Since one is to abstain from any type of pornography when rebooting, then edging can not be a part of this process. Furthermore, any edging activity that takes place with porn is worse than just having the orgasm as fast as you can. This is because of dopamine. Any addiction-related brain shifts and sexual conditioning are started by one or the other of the following, or a combination of both of them:

  • Dopamine levels that are higher than levels achieved  through organic means, such as using drugs
  • Moderate dopamine levels that remain raised for lengthy durations


If you decide to edge with pornography, you are combining dopamine levels from masturbation, which will naturally be high with other variables, such as exciting images, the thrill of searching the internet for porn to view, and discovering genres in porn that might further shock you. All of this can keep those levels raised for quite some time. In turn, this trains the brain to feel the need to constantly have some sort of visual stimulation along with the motion of your hand.

When you have elevated levels of dopamine, a signal goes off that says you need to do this over and over because it is significant. Pretty soon, sex will be something that does not bring any reward, because your brain has been conditioned to believe that the true reward comes from masturbation.


Why Reboot?

Lengthy  or severe exposure to porn can  result in the brain wiring itself in ways that may  produce  undesirable  effects in an individual’s life. This could pose as a sexual dysfunction, an addiction, or  various  related issues.

Each individual will need to pick the time frame of their rebooting process, along with the parameters that go with it. It is essential that one sticks with it until the entire duration has passed. As you are rebooting, if you  feel your brain needs more time to focus on the matter, you certainly may add more time.

While a reboot is in process, it is important for the person to have a hobby that can assist them from abstaining from pornography. This could be anything that engages your mind so you are not thinking about porn. Playing basketball with friends, joining a bowling league, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or taking a woodworking course are just a few of the things you may consider. Look for hobbies that are engaging, yet relaxing.

It is equally crucial to have a positive mindset. For those individuals that allow negative thoughts and feelings to enter their thoughts, a trigger can form, which may lead them back to watching porn.  Each person will need to find their own hobbies and develop good habits in order for the rebooting to fully work. Be committed to working on your hobbies each day, along with your good habits.


Is Edging Bad?

The fact of the matter is, edging is bad due to the effects it has on the brain. You simply are not having an orgasm and stopping it once finished. Rather, you are training your brain to shower itself with dopamine.

So what should you do if you find that you have come to this, no pun intended. You can simply stop or you may elect to finish fast. Just do not opt to stay at the same pace as you were initially going.

Many males have fallen prey to believing that edging is OK. Do not fall into this trap, as this is one of the worst things you can do. We have heard males say that after edging for a few hours, afterwards, they feel like they have an addiction. Soon they are wanting another go just a few hours later, sometimes not even that long afterwards. It is also common for men to contemplate what sort of porn they will get down and dirty with next.


Final Thoughts

When a couple has intercourse, natural dopamine is released when orgasm is met. This amount of dopamine will far supersede the amount received by masturbation, edging, or watching porn. While all of these activities will release dopamine, and may not feel any different, the brain will notice the difference.