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How Long Does Testosterone Take to Work? – We’ve Got The Definitive Answer Here

How long does testosterone take to work? Good question! Here we talk about it and more. Men are trying it in droves. It’s easy to see why when you hear what testosterone therapy offers. From increased sexual desire, improved energy levels, and a way to lose weight. Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn back the clock and regain our youth? 

Man using testosterone that works fast

TRT is up close and personal with this therapy. We explain how long it takes to work and the types that are available to you. If you want to figure out what it can do for you,  read to find out what they are and how long you can expect to see changes. 


Testosterone Replacement Therapy – How Long Does It Take to Work?

How long does Testosterone Replacement Therapy take to work infographic

The short- and long-term effects of testosterone therapy are balanced. Even though it may take several months to eradicate the low-T symptoms completely, progress can be seen quite quickly.

It takes just a few weeks for men to start experiencing the benefits of TRT treatment. Full results are achieved within four to six months after treatment. Taking testosterone injections will not cause the symptoms of low testosterone to disappear overnight, and they may take longer to resolve in some cases than others. However, results vary from person to person. The testosterone treatment usually works within 3 to 12 months. There is a wide range here since testosterone injections don’t simultaneously provide the same benefits. 


Let’s talk about what’s in store for you with this treatment:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Benefits in the Gym

The Drive For Sex

The effects of TRT can be seen in the improvement of sex drive and performance after 3 to 4 weeks, but maximum results are typically seen after six weeks. You may see improvements after three weeks. However, the full benefits of TRT on erectile dysfunction may not be seen until six months after treatment begins.



Red blood cell counts may be low in men with reduced testosterone levels. However, your body may produce red blood cells more readily when you take TRT. During the first three months of TRT treatment, red blood cell levels may increase. They peak between 9 and 12 months after the start of therapy.


Density of Bones

Bone density may be low in men with low T, increasing their risk of osteoporosis and broken bones. However, a 6-month TRT can result in an increase in bone mass. In addition, it is possible to improve bone mass for several years following TRT.


The Level of Energy

You should notice an increase in energy levels within three to six weeks. However, you may need to wait 18 to 30 weeks for TRT to benefit your mood fully.



A lipid is a type of fat in your blood,  for example, triglycerides or cholesterol. High cholesterol levels and triglycerides may occur with low testosterone levels in men. It increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. However, I’m happy to report that within four weeks of starting TRT, your cholesterol levels may improve, and the full effects may be seen after six to twelve months.


There are several types of TRT

types of TRT

Prescriptions are available for certain types of TRT. A few examples are listed below: 

  • Topical: This comes in the form of patches, gels, and liquids. These can be applied once a day. Common varieties are Testim and Androgel.
  • Nasal gel: The Natesto brand is available under this form and entails three daily doses, a method that some people may find difficult to adhere to.
  • Injections: Some injections, like Depo-Testosterone, are injected into a muscle once every two weeks or once every week. Testosterone injection is a great option for individuals who struggle to remember to take their medication every day.


Do Testosterone Boosters Work Quickly?

Testosterone molecule
Chemical formula of Testosterone

The effects of testosterone boosters are felt within three to four weeks; however, optimum effects take longer to manifest, depending on the health of the body.

A testosterone supplement can improve sexual health in as little as three weeks. However, if it affects erections or ejaculations, the effects may take six months to become apparent.


A Healthy Sexual Life

Sexual health can be improved by testosterone supplementation beginning three weeks after initiation. However, a significant impact on erection and ejaculation might not appear for six months. 


The Fat and Mass of the Body

Body composition changes, muscle mass and fat mass changes usually occur between week 12 and week 16. They usually stabilize within six months to a year. Bone density is expected to start increasing after six months and gradually over three years at the very least. However, there is a delay because bone density gradually develops over time, especially with age.


Psychological Disorders

Three to six weeks after taking testosterone pills, depressive symptoms can improve. However, it may take 18 to 30 weeks for symptoms to significantly improve [2].


Diabetic Disorders

The insulin sensitivity of people with or at risk of diabetes can rapidly increase after taking prescription testosterone pills. However, in most cases, it takes longer for its effects to become noticeable-usually three to twelve months [3].



How long does testosterone take to work is a question without a straight answer. Different parts of the body are affected by low testosterone levels. By restoring your levels,  you will be able to reap several benefits. This will take place over a variety of periods. Testosterone supplements will show results over time as long as the dosage is maintained. If this type of therapy works for you, you’ll likely stay on it for a long time. Within a few weeks, your energy levels will increase. You will have more sex drive, and you will be more relaxed.

TRT may, however, be stopped for various reasons. If you’re considering starting a family or experiencing side effects from the medication.

You should consult your doctor if you do not notice any improvement within weeks or months of using the product. Be sure to seek medical advice before stopping or changing your dose.





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