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How to Start No Fap: A Guide to Controlling Your Impulses


They say that a man thinks about sex every seven seconds. It’s a tired line, and one that many don’t take seriously, but for many men, it’s a reality. Porn addiction is often joked about, but it can seriously ruin the lives of vulnerable men taken advantage of by the porn industry and sites like OnlyFans.

How to Start No Fap

NoFap has become a very popular movement surrounding men who want to control their impulses and get more out of life. The porn industry is one of the biggest out there in the world. It generates around $97 billion a year, with approximately $3,075.64 being spent every single second on porn, according to Kassia Wosick, a professor of sociology at New Mexico State University.

The audience is mixed, but Psychology Today has stated that around 25% is madeup for women, who usually don’t struggle with such an addiction. Unlike men, it’s harder for them to achieve orgasm, and so because of that, masturbation sometimes isn’t worth the time or effort. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that the majority of the people watching porn are men; it’s an industry built off of the backs of men unable to control their impulses and are constantly needing more and more dopamine stimulation from a society so focused on sex.

Many have decided to take the time to make a massive change in their lives by picking up the NoFap ideology, and for that, their lives have changed for the better.

If you’re here to learn more about No Fap, and perhaps try to pick it up yourself in order to get finer control over your own body, you’ve come to the right place. NoFap is a brutal battle to get through, but if you’re willing to take up the challenge to change your life for the better, I promise that it will all be worth it. Now, let’s get into the basics.


What is No Fap?

Man asking what is no fap

NoFap stands for “No Fapping”, with “fapping” meaning male masturbation. It’s a movement that was popularized greatly on Reddit. It focuses on an anti-masturbation ideology, fighting porn addiction and helping men free themselves from their impulses and from chasing the dopamine high. When one hears about NoFap, they might think of No Nut November, which is that but taken very seriously and usually stretching beyond the 30 day mark.

No Fap aims to break porn addiction, and those who follow it tend to compare using porn to using drugs — it’s something that can absolutely wreck your life if it gets too far.

The initial goal is always 30 days (and the real challenge is 90 days), and that in itself is a grueling experience for most men. It means no masturbation, period. No looking at porn, no touching yourself just for a few moments, and no doing other things with your time that you would usually spend looking at porn (that includes edging for example). It’s about distracting yourself, gaining control of your body, and clearing your mind.

Generally, sexual intercourse is seen as okay if it’s with a close partner, but it’s important to abstain from looser relationships. A porn addiction can easily be replaced with paying for escorts and prostitutes when desperate.


What Are The Benefits of NoFap?

Benefits of NoFap - Breaking the chains

NoFap comes with a plethora of benefits to men. For one, it helps men control their impulses, clear their minds, and harness their sexual energy.

What exactly do I mean by “sexual exergy” or “masculine energy“? I mean keeping your sexual desires in control. It makes your gaze less magnetized towards women (or men, if you’re gay) and keeps your head straight. To potential lovers, you’re seen as controlled, level-headed, and not sex-crazed. You’re able to spend platonic time with women you find attractive without having to worry about if you’ll take the risk of ruining your relationship just for a shot at getting laid.

It will also save you money. To men with porn addictions, OnlyFans is an absolute killer of paychecks. Some men are unable to resist spending hundreds, if not thousands on women who are simply after their money.

This isn’t even taking in the factor of time. How much time in a week do you think you spend looking at porn? Psychology Today says the average time for a man is 5-17 minutes a day. However, porn has the habit of desensitizing you, and so you need more and more to get yourself off. It can take longer to get off, and you have to account for how many days a week you decide to look at porn. Men who are seriously addicted are wasting their lives away on porn sites, desperate for another fix, which is why the NoFap movement is so important. It’s about taking your life back.

There also reports that nofap increases your testosterone levels, and can even help you have a better performance in bed.


Understanding the Challenge

Understand the nofap challenge

NoFap is popular with men of all walks of life, not just those with major porn addictions. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a porn addict, you can still benefit by taking up the challenge. You may find that you’ll learn a few things about yourself along the way, like how your gaze may change when looking at women. Despite this, your experience may be rough. Many men don’t realize how much their sexual impulses control their lives until they’re forcing themselves away from it. This is because the addiction is so easy to access and not emphasized in the media, so masturbation can be seen as like a smoke break (which can also be an addiction, go figure). You may have a hard time getting through it, but after the first week, you should find things getting significantly easier (before they get hard again when the flatline kicks in, but that’s a different article).

If you believe you have a porn addiction, this will not be easy. It means not relieving yourself when you get hard and keeping away from porn sites and anything and everything related (and with time you will learn what exactly triggers you, it can even be seeing a picture on instagram for example). This will be especially difficult in this day and age, where porn is so common in the media. As much as 30% of the internet is made up of porn. Yes, I’m serious, but it may not be a surprise to some of you. You’re always bound to come across a porn ad or an enticing shot of a woman while browsing the internet. I’m not here to lie to you: this may be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face, and realizing the gravity of such a challenge and being willing to accept it is the first step in breaking free of your urges.

If you read on, I’ll tell you some tips on how to prepare.



NoFap isn’t going to be something you can just jump into, especially if you have a problem. You’re going to want to do some preparation before you start.

A lot of people don’t take this as seriously as they should. After all, you’re making a huge change in your life, and this is just the first step in doing so. Big changes require lots of preparation, and you’d be surprised by how many things get you thinking about porn.


Delete Porn Bookmarks/Favorites and Apps

Delete everything that triggers you - no fap guide

If you have any apps on your phone dedicated to porn, or are ways you commonly get porn and use them for little else, delete them. If you have any porn sites bookmarked or favorited on your phone or computer need to be removed. Keeping it away from your line of sight is a big key to making life easier for you during NoFap. While it won’t stop you from thinking of porn, seeing sites dedicated to them under your bookmarks or favorites will immediately bring it to the forefront of your mind. You need to take them away if you want to get through with a clearer head.

Speaking of the internet, you need to severely limit your time. Unless you’re an older soul who still uses magazines, the internet is your only place to get porn, and just being on it might be a temptation of itself. This isn’t to mention the ads you might be bombarded with, especially because of your recent search history, am I right?

So, the internet is the first thing to go. In your first week, I suggest being on it as little as possible to reduce temptation. After you feel as though you have a bit more control, then you’re good to get back on it. This is very important, you may resist this idea at first, but believe me, you just need to completely cut off everything at least for the first week / 10 days, because that’s when you will most likely think about relapsing. So stay away from triggers in the beginning of your journey


Pick Up Some Hobbies and Go Outside More

Man hiking

This is pretty important. You’re going to want to take up as much time as possible to distract yourself. Boredom is one of the biggest factors that lead to people looking at porn, so if you’re bored and idle, you’re going to be tempted.

If you already have hobbies, or you have things that you’ve been thinking of doing, make sure to queue them up for when you’re ready to start.

Going outside is also fairly important. Getting some fresh air will be good for you, so you should get used to outdoor activities or at least going to different places for activities. You can ask your boss to pick up some more hours at work beforehand so that you know you’ll have something to take up your time.

Also, unlike at home, there will be legitimate consequences if you get caught touching yourself while outside.


Get Support

no fap reddit

Getting the help you need is something that everyone facing addiction needs. It’s without a doubt the most vital. It helps to know that there are people who understand your struggles and can give you advice and will allow you to vent since this is a subject that you can’t really have with most people.

There are communities out there for you; with the biggest being r/NoFap on Reddit. At this moment, they have 1.1 million users, many with their own experiences and stories to tell. There are people living their best lives, people getting comfort after a relapse, and many sharing their thoughts and opinions on the ideology as a whole. What’s great about it is that these are people who feel comfortable talking about a subject that would usually be mocked or ridiculed anywhere else. Never be afraid to make a post if you’re struggling asking for advice, or maybe you can just lurk and read the comments of other people. Either way, r/NoFap is the most popular support group out there.

If you’re looking for a place where you can be even more personal and get to know some of the people there, there’s options. You’ll no doubt be able to find some smaller forums with people to talk to. You might even be lucky enough to find in-person support groups in your area. I know they’re not as common, but they do indeed exist, so you might be lucky enough to find one.

You also might have some really close male friends you can vent to, but it’s not common. After all, talking about this sort of thing with other men in person can be seen as inappropriate and, well, gay. It’s something that’s pretty stigmatized.

Then, there’s the most personal of them all: a therapist. If you already have a therapist, this may be their time to shine. If you believe that your problems are bad to the point that you need one, then go ahead, but make sure you find one focusing specifically on men’s issues. They’re able to speak to you about things like this while still being very professional.


Final Thoughts

The internet is a wonderful thing. Where else would you find interesting communities, speak to colleagues and friends with ease, and learn information on a whim?

However, it also gives rise to many dark and dangerous content, with one of the most powerful being the porn industry. I, personally, have no gripe with the actors themselves. They found a way to make money, so I say get that bag. The industry itself is absolutely predatory, though, and many men have found themselves trapped in a diction that is almost wholly unique to the last couple decades.

If you feel like you’re ready to take up the challenge, I applaud you already. Just remember that no matter how many attempts it takes, know that your life will be better for it.