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How Meditation can Greatly Increase the Benefits of NoFap


If you don’t meditate , what do you tend to think of when you think of meditation? Do you think of yoga instructors on their mats with their eyes closed? Monks in quiet contemplation? How about a man focusing so he can further the benefits of NoFap?

Meditation can Increase the Benefits of NoFap

Meditation may not be something you think of when you start NoFap, but it’s something many men swear on. It’s not some pseudoscience that many people will brush it off as; it’s a genuine tool that can help you clear your mind and allow you to reap more of the benefits of NoFap like increasing your testosterone levels and performing better in bed.

How so? Well, if you’re curious, I’ll give you the rundown on why meditation is so useful and how it can help you increase the benefits you gain from this period of self restraint.


Meditation: What it Is and How It’s Done

Meditation and Nofap

People all around will try to sell you on the grand and mystical benefits of meditation, but in reality, it’s exactly what it looks like.

Meditation, in a nutshell, is just sitting with your thoughts and controlling your breathing. What’s the end goal? There is none. It’s a period of contemplation where you learn how to be completely in the moment. You are not reacting to immediate thoughts or feelings. Your body is completely in tune with itself.

What you need to do is sit on a flat surface as comfortably as you can, and make sure that your back is as straight as you can manage (if it hurts, you can lean against a wall; just so long as the diaphragm is unobstructed). From there, just take in some deep, slow breaths. The way most people do it is they breathe in, hold for ten seconds, breathe out, hold for ten seconds, then repeat. In with the relaxation, out with the stress, then repeat.

Take time to observe how your body feels. Is there any pain? Are you tense? How are you feeling? Are you angry? Whatever you may be thinking or feeling, you should not engage with them. Simply observe in quiet contemplation.

When you first try it, you might find it hard to really get that feeling of observation you’re looking for. You might feel frustrated, and if you have never actually meditated before, you might just feel silly doing this at all. However, something that you may have learned from NoFap is that patience is a virtue.

You don’t become “good” at meditating; you just do it. You can meditate in any room, and while most prefer to sit in silence, you can absolutely play some music in the background. The only suggestion is that it’s not too distracting; no matter how good your music is, it shouldn’t take you out of the moment. Medication should also be done with your eyes closed, just so your eyes don’t get too distracted. As you meditate, it’s just you and your body, and no one else.

If you find that meditation is helpful for you, you should try at least one session a day. It will really help you get in touch with your body.


How Meditation Can Improve Your NoFap Experience

Meditation Can Improve NoFap

So now that we know the basics of meditation, let’s talk about how exactly it can improve your NoFap experience and help you overcome the addiction.

Many people who meditate regularly report that meditation greatly lowers their stress and anxiety levels. They also say that daily meditation can also improve your mood and actually sharpens your focus.

The benefit that trumps all others, however, is the fact that it can greatly boost your mental clarity.


It’s proven that meditation can strengthen your prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for impulse control and decision making. When you strengthen your prefrontal cortex, you are able to increase the delay between a stimulus and your response to it. That is the main reason why there are things you need to avoid during nofap in the first place.

The stimulus out particular case can be anything from erotic imagery to sexual jokes to even someone you find attractive. In reaction to these stimuli, you might get an urge — an impulse — to watch porn or something along those lines. By widening the delay between stimuli and impulse, you are going to find that you’ll have less of a reaction to certain stimuli than you usually do.

Your self-control will increase, as will your restraint, you’ll find that you’ll have an easier time navigating NoFap than you would prior. Remember that NoFap is not just about rejecting physical temptation and indulgence for a healthier lifestyle, but also about improving your own mental health. Your journey into self-control doesn’t have to be a constant struggle like some may lead you to believe. This is not to say that meditation will magically solve all of your issues, because it won’t. However, if you are able to help yourself by finding some way to improve your mental clarity and ease your stress, you should absolutely take it.