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The Benefits of NoFap and Crucial Tips to Succeed at it

NoFap is a term you might have heard here and there around the internet. You rarely hear it talked about outside of the digital space because of its subject matter, which can be, at times, perceived as taboo. The benefits of NoFap is not one of those topics you often find yourself talking with your buddies about over a round of drinks.

The benefits of NoFap - Happy man

If you’re not familiar with NoFap and not sure what I’m referring to, I’ll be fully transparent: we’ll be talking about masturbation. NoFap is a sort of movement revolving around halting masturbation entirely for the benefit of your mental, physical, and emotional health.

You may be asking just what in the world I’m talking about. After all, we as a society have only just been coming to accept the fact that masturbation is a perfectly natural and healthy thing. And don’t get me wrong — it is. However, I’m sure you’ll find that NoFap has a compelling argument behind it, with a surprising amount of experts backing it up.

So, what is NoFap, and how can it help you? Well, buckle in, because I’m going to give you a rundown on what NoFap is, the scientific benefits of NoFap, what experts say on the matter, and tips for getting started (if you choose to do so).


What is NoFap?

What is NoFap

Ever heard of No Nut November, where you have to go through the entirety of November without masturbating? Well this is his beefed up big brother.

NoFap is short for “No Fapping”. “Fapping” is another term used for masturbation, with “fap” used to imitate the sound of, well, you can use your imagination.

NoFap centers around shutting yourself off with masturbation and porn completely. There is no definite time period as to when you can start back up again. Some restrict themselves to a month (like No Nut November), others to a few months, and there are even some who stay clear from it entirely.

Many champion it as a positive movement that can help young men break away from the clutches of porn addiction in an age where the internet is rife with such content. It’s believed that adult websites take up a giant chunk of all websites on the internet, with some estimates as low as 4% (which is a massive amount) to as high as 12% (Michigan State University). Many of these are easily accessed, only asking to make sure that you’re 18 before entering, and that can be easily bypassed by a minor who is already in the clutches of the adult entertainment industry.

Because of this, porn addiction (which is very real, no matter what detractors might tell you) has become extremely prevalent in our society, especially with young people.

This movement consists mostly of men, who are both the target audience of the porn industry and the main consumer, but anyone with a serious addiction to porn can pick it up.

If you want to know the benefits of Nofap and the benefits of potentially joining such a movement, I’ll be happy to give them here, as well as how to start nofap.


Benefits of NoFap

Many men who have battled with porn addiction will attest to the benefits to be found within NoFap. While many of these are just from personal experience, you’ll find that many of these people share the same benefits, only intensifying depending on how bad you were with porn addiction.

So, here are the benefits that can be found within NoFap:


Boost in Self-esteem

Nofap benefits your self-esteem

Masturbation, for some, tends to come with a feeling of shame. Many of us have felt it; you finally finish, and you’re just plagued with this feeling of “eugh”. This feeling of shame only grows with the frequency of the porn you watch and its contents. After all, desensitization to porn is a very real thing.

People who are fairly desensitized tend to spend longer at the computer finding what they want and need more intense content. It forms a dependency on porn, and that feeling of shame that follows can be immense. When you stop consuming porn entirely, you can find yourself with a higher self-esteem in knowing that you’ve gotten rid of that dependency. You can feel better about yourself and not have to judge yourself based on the content you consume and the frequency in which you depend on it.

!IMPORTANT NOTE: Please understand that although I talked about short term repercussions in the paragraph above, this feeling of shame and low self esteem can slowly seep into your subconscious mind and change who you are in the long term.


More Time – One of The Less Obvious Benefits of Nofap

Nofap gives you more time in your life

If you had to take a guess, just based on your own habits, how much time would you say you spend masturbating a week? An hour? Several hours? Maybe even more? I’ve heard of people who are pretty much locked to their computers trying to get their rocks off.

Now, think about how you could have spent that time. If you’re not all that deep into porn consumption, you might have used that time to get a couple chores done. If you’re extremely entrenched in a porn addiction, your life could be in stark contrast to what it is at peak dependency. Even if you would just spend that time watching TV, it’s still far better than being locked to your screen. Either way, you’re going to find you’ll have more time to devote to other things, including maintaining a social life.


Improvements in Social Life

Benefits of Nofap in social life

Think back. Has there ever been a time where you’ve blown off a friend, missed a call, or left an outing because you wanted to masturbate? Maybe not for some, but this is a reality for a lot of people. Many can testify to having a strained relationship with family and friends due to the fact that their addiction to masturbation is overtaking their life.

The more attached you are to porn, the less time and energy you’ll have to maintain friendships and keep in touch with family (I’m highlighting this because, again, this can happen on a subconscious level, meaning that you won’t even notice it and you will think that you are acting in a normal manner).

Let’s not even get started on a significant other. That’s just the ugly truth of it, and the very fact that some people would rather masturbate than socialize with close friends and family is one of those things that only leads to intense shame and a lower self-esteem. NoFap is meant to free you from those toxic clutches so that you may actually be able to socialize with friends and family in a more enriching manner, as well as maintaining a romantic relationship if you so choose.


No more brain fog

Addiction to masturbation causes brain fog

One thing that excessive masturbation tends to cause is a rather intense brain fog. What is brain fog? Well, it’s defined by a lack of clarity. That feeling of not really being able to concentrate, focus on the things you like, or really find that drive to hone in on your hobbies and passions.

Halting masturbation is said to boost mental clarity entirely, allowing you to get a better grasp on yourself and the world around you. You finally feel present and in the moment. Not to mention, with enough time passed, you’ll be able to navigate media without being so susceptible to suggestive material as you once were. You’ll be able to dismiss these materials while not being clouded with such strong urges.


A Boost in Testosterone Levels: One of The Most Talked about Benefits of Nofap

Nofap boosts testosterone levels - Muscular man

People who don’t masturbate regularly tend to have a higher level of testosterone with NoFap. Those who start NoFap and go cold turkey can expect to have a boost in the male sex hormone. Why does this matter? Well testosterone is the compound that basically makes men, well, men.

With higher testosterone, you can expect a higher mood, more energy throughout the day, and if you’re someone who works out regularly, an easier time building muscle. It also allows for increased libido, more stamina, and an easier time performing in bed. Now, that last one might be counterproductive on the face of it, but it’s really not.

Some Youtubers tried to test this hypothesis on their own, since there aren’t many studies to lean on:


!VERDICT: In my opinion, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that NoFap increases your testosterone levels DIRECTLY. But from looking at different studies and anecdotal evidence, it is clear to me that the energy boost and improved mood you get when doing a NoFap challenge will make you go out and do the things that actually increase your testosterone levels DIRECTLY.

What are those things? Mainly exercise.

Here is an example of someone trying to test this on their own: reddit thread and findings below:

Testosterone Blood levels After NoFap Diagram



Better Performance in Bed

Nofap benefits your performance in bed

NoFap pertains to only masturbation and pornography, but pretty much everyone agrees that sex is okay as long as you’re not using it as a replacement for your addiction. There are people who develop a sex addiction instead, but assuming you have a healthy relationship with your partner, sex should be good to go.

Anyhow, because of the increased testosterone, you’re likely to have a higher libido, more stamina, be able to maintain an erection, have a better performance and can have a more passionate and fulfilling experience. All of this is wasted away when you frequently masturbate, as such a high amount of this stimulation causes you to become desensitized to sex and pleasure in general.


An Important and Overlooked Nofap Benefit: Better Sleep

Man sleeping well

There are many ways in which NoFap can help you with a more restful sleep. First, there’s the obvious; interrupting your sleep cycle every night so you can stare at a bright screen in a dark room while masturbating will undoubtedly cause some loss of sleep.

There are some who can’t even get sleep unless they masturbate, or else they’ll have pornographic thoughts running through their heads all through the night. This is a clear sign of a dependence on pornography. A better sleep overall is in my opinion one of the most transformative benefits of Nofap, it’s just less exciting to talk about.


Nofap Will Increase Your Energy and Improve Your Mood

Man in a good mood with a lot of energy

This comes from a combination of factors mentioned before. First, there’s the self-esteem factor. Having a low self-esteem will, quite obviously, lead to a lower mood, as well as far less of a drive to do the things you are passionate about. It’s understandable that some people just find it hard to get motivated, and along with that comes low energy.

The other factor is testosterone. As I’ve mentioned before, frequent masturbation tends to drain one’s testosterone and willpower, which usually leads to a poorer mood and less energy. That’s two reasons working in tandem to help boost your mood and your energy.


NoFap Teaches You Discipline

Disciplined man meditating

Being able to beat something as serious as a porn addiction is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of self-discipline. The self-discipline you gain can help teach you and your body how to force your way past mental obstacles, as well as helping to ignore other temptations in life, such as with smoking or cheating on a diet. This is why meditation can dramatically enhance your Nofap experience.


What Experts Say About NoFap: Scientific Evidence

Substantia nigra - Brain illustration - Dopamine production
Substantia nigra, illustration. The substantia nigra is a the brain region responsible for the production of dopamine.

So given that NoFap is a movement that started on the internet, you may be asking if there’s any merit to the claimed benefits that it has. Believe it or not, experts tend to agree with the benefits that NoFap provides, with many being scientifically backed.

There have been many studies done on men in the past few decades about testosterone and masturbation, and it’s been proven that the hormone increases energy and mood.

It’s been shown in studies that NoFap helps to regulate your dopamine system, given that masturbation releases dopamine. In cases with porn addiction, people can become tolerant to the dopamine, which causes that brain fog. NoFap is simply a form of dopamine detox.

It’s also been pointed out that NoFap is better for those with ADHD, which is heavily associated with masturbation.

There are also studies that have focused on NoFap and mental wellbeing, and have come to the conclusion that NoFap is mentally beneficial to some men.


Crucial Tips to Succeed at NoFap

If you think that NoFap will be a breeze to get into, then you’re going to have a tougher time than you originally thought.

Quitting masturbation full stop, especially if you already do it to an unhealthy extent, takes a lot of willpower. It can even take a few tries to actually stick with it.

Thankfully, there are plenty of men willing to give their own advice on getting started with NoFap. Here are some key tips on starting with the movement.


Learn Your Triggers

Man in bed with computer - Masturbation trigger

Triggers are stimuli that can cause a certain response for your body. For example, the smell of food triggers your mouth to water. Pornographic triggers can be things like seeing a picture of a naked woman, or porn in general, or hearing a dirty joke. Even just seeing an attractive person on the TV or in public can be a trigger.

These triggers make it hard to get through NoFap, so you’re going to want to know about your triggers and the things you need to avoid during Nofap, or else you’re doomed to fail.


Remove all pornographic material

Delete pornographic material

This is an obvious one. If you see the porn apps on your phone or the adult website tabs on your computer, you’re going to be tempted to open it up and browse; that’s just a fact.

So, you’re going to want to dispose of any and all pornography you’ve saved. Yup, throw it all in the bin. If you find yourself really struggling with this step, it’s a sign that you might have a problem.


Get support

Get support from the Nofap Community on reddit

Masturbation is a bit of a taboo subject in public, so I don’t expect you to go on and talk about the benefits of NoFap with friends and family. So what support can you find in this case? Well, there are plenty of online forums.

Probably the biggest gathering is in r/NoFap on Reddit, which has over a million members around the world all sharing their experiences and supporting one another. You can also get a therapist. There’s no shame in it, and you can easily find a specialist in addiction to assist you.


No alcohol

Alcohol makes your Nofap journey harder

We make all the best decisions while on alcohol, am I right? Joking aside, alcohol can seriously mess up your ability to make careful decisions and weakens your willpower. You could be going months on NoFap, but a heavy night of drinking can break that streak. Drinking alcohol during NoFap is simply asking for trouble.